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Join our intensive live streaming course designed exclusively for driven business professionals and content creators like you.

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By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to use live streaming as a powerful tool to elevate your influence, create a compelling personal brand, and further your brand development as a business professional.


Live streaming is going to change your business to attract your clients.


Key Benefits:

Learn how live streaming can transform your business image, magnetizing clients and carving a unique position for you in the market.

Join us and unlock how to use live video to open up new business opportunities.

Who should sign up for his course:

1. Business Professionals: Elevate your brand and captivate clients through compelling live streaming. Professionals

2. Creative Content Creators: Get ready to captivate audiences with compelling live content.

3. Introverts: Unleash your inner influencer, surmounting barriers with the aid of live streaming.

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What's included:

1. Weekly personalized coaching calls:

Enjoy 30 minutes of tailored guidance every week.

2. Self-Assessment: Discover your strengths and areas for growth through our detailed self-assessment, paving your path to success.

3. Comprehensive Workbook:

Delve into our expertly crafted workbook, packed with actionable strategies and insights to fuel your journey.

4. Your Personal Checklist:

A roadmap to track your progress, ensuring you're on the right track to building an influential personal brand.

5. E- Certification:

Receive a prestigious certificate upon successful course completion, a testament to your commitment to growth.

6. Access to Resource Library:

Unlock a treasure trove of resources to aid your learning journey and fine-tune your strategies.

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You will be able to:

  • Become more confident.
  • Overcome your struggle to standout on crowded and noisy social media platforms.
  • Have your own show

What you will learn

  1. How to create livestreaming that suits your personality and your brand.
  2. How to build your confidence and become a high performance livestreamer. 
  3. How to be a better host.
  4. How to be a captivating speaker.
  5. How to create an online event.
  6. How to get quality speakers.

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